Fuze AF43 (FSD2) Point Detonating, with Super Quick and Time-Delay Function for Under-Barrel and Automatic Grenade Launchers


AF43 (FSD2) is a point detonating fuse, with ejection charge, distance armed and self-destruction.

It is intended for use with 40x46 mm High-Explosive Fragmentation Jump Rounds RLV-FJ for Underbarrel Grenade Launchers UBGL-M family, Underbarrel Grenade Launchers type M203 and Grenade Launchers type M79.


84g - Weight of Fuze
3 - Safety Barriers
13 - 19s - Time of Self-Destruction
0 - Safety Wire
0.5mm - carboad Sensitivity Sheet Thickness
+50°c - max Operational Temperature
+50°c - max Storage Temperature
10 - 40m - Arming Distance