30x165mm Round with HE-T-SR Projectile Short Range High Explosive Tracer


The 30 x 165 mm Round with High Explosive Tracer- Short Range Projectile is intended for drill firing on short firing ranges.

The projectile is fitted with distance-armed fuze A-670M-SR that functions either on impact or ensures projectile self-destruction within 3,5 kilometers from muzzle. The round is safe for use on firing ranges with length not less than 5 km from muzzle, and does not endanger the objects behind this distance.

The 30 mm automatic guns 2A42, 2A72 and modifications are mounted on the following carriers: Infantry Fighting Vehicles BMP-2, BMP-3, BMD-2, BMD-3, BTR-80A, BTR-90 and their modifications Reconnaissance Vehicle "RIS" Attack Helicopters Ka-50, Ka-52, Mi-28 and modifications


385g - Weight of Projectile
122g - Weight of Propellant Charge
826g - Weight of Round
292mm - Round Length
0 - Safety Wire
20 - 100m - Arming Distance
950-970m/s - Muzzle Velocity
4 - 8s - Time of Self-Destruction
10s - Burning Time


30x165mm caliber

Fuze Type A-670M-SR


54pcs - in Wooden Case
61kg - weight of each Wooden Case
0.068cm3 - volume of each Wooden Case
875x378x206mm - dimensions of each Wooden Case