Micro Unmanned Air Vehicle Model KS-1


BULCOMERSKS has developed a brand-new unmanned aircraft system KS-1 with superior performance characteristicsin comparison with current UASavailable on the national market. Advanced aerodynamics and gyro stabilization allow for exceptionally quality photo and video reconnaissance using 18Mpx Electro and Optical 20x zoom camera.

UAV is designed in company’s custom fixed wing manner with pushing propeller system. Electro/optic payload with advance mechanism, up to 3-4 hours endurance, 3.5km operative ceiling , 210 km range, 1.5kg payload, low observable to detect – all these features are ideal for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance missions.

The UAV is launched from mobile mechanical catapult and lands by parachute. To avoid payload damage the aircraft is provided with an automatic landing air bag.The aircraft has been in development for a wide range of harsh environments and as all other BULCOMERSKS UAVs is adapted for a temperature range of -30C...+50.

In cooperation with government forces, unmanned BULCOMERSKS KS-1 craft will rend huge assistance providing the rescue command center with precise video surveillance.


50 km/70km - Range
3..4 hours - Flight duration
2,8 m - Wingspan
3600 m - Altitude above sea level
Hand launched/parachute - Launch/Landing
Electric - Engine
65-130* km/h - Speed range
10,4 kg - Weight
1,5 kg - Payload
GPS/Glonass - Navigation
Photo/Video/IR - Payload