Micro Unmanned Air Vehicle Model KS-2M


The unmanned complex based on the airplane UAV BULCOMERSKS KS-2M is designed for remote land monitoring at the altitude 80-700 m (up to 3600 mabove sea level), at the distance of 40 km (standard complex range is 15 km) from the ground control system (GCS), duration 90 minutes,with ability of data receiving and transmission, aero photography and video recording in a real-time mode. Each UAV has built in photo camera as standard with autonomous and semi-autonomous control. Two UAVs fit into a backpack that increases the mobility of the operator and provide flexibilityin application.


15km - Range
90 minutes - Flight duration
0,8 m - Wingspan
3600 m - Altitude above sea level
Hand launched/parachute - Launch/Landing
Electric - Engine
65-130* km/h - Speed range
2,4 kg - Weight
0,3 kg - Payload
GPS/Glonass - Navigation
Photo/Video/IR - Payload