MG-1MN Machine Gun 7.62x54R for Navy


The 7,62x54 mm Machine Gun MG-1MN (for Navy) is a powerful individual automatic weapon designed to be mounted on ships, boats, etc., and intended for destroying manpower, lightly-armoured and air targets of the enemy by means of automatic fire.

MG-1M belongs to the automatic weapons operating by the principle of taking off an amount of powder gases through a special opening in the wall of an immovable barrel and their effect imposed on the breech block carrier piston.

Feeding cartridges is done by a metallic cartridge belt, put in a box of capacity 200 cartridges

Optional Extras: blank firing attachment - set; rail for sighting devices.


8.85kg - Weight of Weapon
6.5kg - loaded ammunition box with belt of 200 Weight of Loaded Ammunition Box
605mm - Barrel Length
1160mm - Overall Length
825m/s - Muzzle Velocity
650rounds/min - Fire Rate
250rounds/min - Practical Fire Rate
3800m - Max Fire Range
1000m - Max Effective Fire Range
28000rounds - System Life
1500m - Sighting Range


Full Automatic fire mode

7.62x54R mm caliber

200rounds Box Capacity

Gas operated Function

Complete Set: Second Barrel Bag with spare parts consisting of: /Firing pin, ejector, ejector's spring, ejector's axle/ box with accessories extracting device for split cartridge cases cleaning rod sling 4pcs. Metal belt for 200 cartridges 4pcs. Ammunition box f


1pcs - in Wooden Case
72kg - weight of each Wooden Case
0.244cm3 - volume of each Wooden Case
1330x525x350mm - dimensions of each Wooden Case