LMG-F Light Machine Gun 5.45x39.5mm with Folding Butt


The 5,45x39,5 mm LMG-F Machine Gun is a powerful automatic weapon designed to destroy enemy manpower and light weapon systems. The system automation operates on the driving force of propellant gases diverted through a vent in the barrel.

Single-shot and automatic modes of fire are available. Bullet killing effect for manpower is preserved over a range of 1500 m. The weapon fires 5,45x39,5 cartridges. Rounds are fed in by an arch-shaped 45-round box magazine.

The LMG-F has a foldable stock.

Extras-Paid separately: Carrying plate for night or optical sight, bush for blanks firing (if desired)


4.7kg - Weight of Weapon
0.86kg - Weight of Loaded Magazine
590mm - Barrel Length
1060mm - Overall Length
960m/s - Muzzle Velocity
600rounds/min - Fire Rate
50rounds/min - single Practical Fire Rate
2000m - Max Effective Fire Range
20,000rounds - System Life
1000m - Sighting Range


Selective Fire (semi- and full automatic) fire mode

5.45x39.5mm caliber

45rounds capacity

gas operated Function

yes folding butt

Complete Set: Sling Cleaning Rod Box with accessories 2pcs. Bags for 4 magazines oil can 8pcs. Magazines for 45 cartridges Spare part kit including: Ejector, Ejector's spring, firing pin, device for magazine loading set bag for spare parts


6pcs - in Wooden Case
86kg - weight of each Wooden Case
0.241cm3 - volume of each Wooden Case
1190x520x390mm - dimensions of each Wooden Case