UGGL-M1 Stand-alone Grenade Launcher 40x46mm with Telescopic Foldable Butt


40x46 mm Stand-alone Grenade Launcher UGGL-M1 is a single shot, powerful close support weapon, intended for use against single and area targets at distance up to 400 m.

The UGGL-M1 has a telescopic foldable stock. Upon firing with the Launcher, the stock should be always in extended (combat) position.

The trigger mechanism is of firing pin type and has a safety that blocks the movement of the trigger. Cocking of the firing pin is performed upon barrel closing.

The Grenade Launchers UGGL-M1 intended to fire low velocity grenades type M 406.


2.85kg - Weight of Weapon
420mm - with folded butt Overall Length
65mm - Width
290mm - with extended sight Height
76m/s - Muzzle Velocity
6rounds/min - Practical Fire Rate
400m - Max Fire Range
150m - at point targets Max Effective Fire Range
1000rounds - Barrel Life


Single Shot fire mode

stand alone fire type

40x46mm caliber

Complete Set Bag for 12 rounds Sling Set of tools and accessories


10pcs - in Wooden Case
70kg - weight of each Wooden Case
0.273cm3 - volume of each Wooden Case
1330x530x387mm - dimensions of each Wooden Case