ATGL-H3 Heavy Anti-Tank Grenade Launcher 73mm ATGL-H3


ATGL-H3 is a mighty reliable recoilless weapon for destroying tanks, self-propelled artillery mounts and other armored vehicles, as well as for destroying the enemy's manpower. For firing are used 73 mm anti-tank RHEAT-9MA, PG-9V, PG-9VN and anti-personnel RHEF-9MA, RHEF-9MA1, OG-9V, OG-9VM rounds


75kg - Weight of Weapon
2110mm - Overall Length
665mmon wheel-set in travelling position - Width
740mmwith wheel-set in travelling position - Height
316m/s - with rhef-9ma, rhef-9ma1, og-9v, og-9vm Muzzle Velocity
6rounds/min - Fire Rate
4500m - with rhef-9ma, rhef-9ma1, og-9v, og-9vm Max Fire Range
345m - with rhef-9ma, rhef-9ma1, og-9v, og-9vm Max Effective Fire Range
500rounds - System Life
25mils - max angle Elevation


73mm caliber

Sights PGOK-9 Optical Sight

Equipment Body with telescopic tripod Night Sight PGN-9 or MNV-50

Complete Set Opcital Sight PGOK-9 Night Sight PGN-9 or MNV-50 2 Bags for rounds Set of front and rear canvas covers Canvas gloves pair Bag with Spare Parts and Accessories Brush Cleaning rod


1pcs - in Wooden Case
155kg - weight of each Wooden Case
0.805cm3 - volume of each Wooden Case
2167x486x764mm - dimensions of each Wooden Case