Fuze AVUPoint Detonating, with Time Delay for Air Bombs

Universal air heat resistant fuze AVU with mechanical starting device is intended for high-explosive, fragmentation high-explosive, high-explosive incendiary, incendiary air-bombs and incendiary containers. The fuse is fitted into nose or base fuse threaded filling holes.

The fuze provides point detonating and inertia action, ignition SQ and two delay modes. Fuze AVU completes the following types of air bombs: OFAB-100-120 OFAB-250-270 FAB-500M-62

The fuze is safe in storage, handling and operation and ensures the safe and reliable function of the ammunition in all weather conditions.


1.887kg – Weight of Fuze
210mm – Height
mechanical – Arming Type
0.06-0.09 – middle delay Circuit
8.7 – 13.5s – altitude circuit Arming Delay
0 – Safety Wire
+150°c – max Operational Temperature
+150°c – max Storage Temperature
12.5 – Shelf Life


4pcs – in Airtight Metal Box
4pcs – Airtight Metal Box in WoodenCase
57kg – weight of each WoodenCase
0.075cm3 – volume of each WoodenCase
658x598x191mm – dimensions of each WoodenCase