Fuze B-37Point Detonating, with Time Delay for Anti-aircraft and Medium Caliber Ammunition

B-37 is a mechanical, nose, point-detonating fuze with delayed action. The fuze features distance arming and self-destruction.

Fuze B-37 completes 37 mm HET round for 37 mm anti-aircraft guns Mod 1937 and Mod 1939.

The fuze is safe in storage, handling and operation and ensures the safe and reliable function of the ammunition in all weather conditions.


169g – Weight of Fuze
3.97g – Weight of Booster
30mm – Width
83.65mm – Height
63.35mm – Visible Length
20.3mm – Intrusion Length
rotational forces – Arming Type
8-12s – Time of Self-Destruction
0.002 – 0.004s – Time Delay
0 – Safety Wire
+50°c – max Operational Temperature
+50°c – max Storage Temperature
40 – 100m – Arming Distance
sp 2m26.96×1.5f – Thread Size
not less than 40m – Safety Distance
15 – Shelf Life
tetranitrol – Booster


36pcs – in Airtight Metal Box
4pcs – Airtight Metal Box in WoodenCase
40kg – weight of each WoodenCase
0.044cm3 – volume of each WoodenCase
520x500x170mm – dimensions of each WoodenCase