Fuze V-429Point Detonating, with Super Quick and Time Delay for Artillery and Tank Ammunition

V-429 is a mechanical, nose, point-detonating fuze with selectable super-quick or delayed action.

The fuze completes High-Explosive, Incendiary and Smoke ammunition for artillery guns of the following caliber: 85 mm 100 mm 122 mm 30 mm 152 mm

V-429 fuze features locking at firing from worn-out or strongly contaminated barrel. The fuze is safe in storage, handling and operation and ensures the reliable and safe function of the ammunition in all weather conditions.


438g – Weight of Fuze
12.5g – Weight of Booster
40mm – Width
105.71mm – Height
60mm – Visible Length
46.8mm – Intrusion Length
set-back forces – Arming Type
0.027 – 0.063s – Time Delay
0 – Safety Wire
+50°c – max Operational Temperature
+50°c – max Storage Temperature
5 – 20m – Arming Distance
sp 36.18x10tpi – Thread Size
5m – Safety Distance
15 – Shelf Life
tetryl – Booster


16pcs – in Airtight Metal Box
4pcs – Airtight Metal Box in WoodenCase
42kg – weight of each WoodenCase
0.044cm3 – volume of each WoodenCase
520x500x170mm – dimensions of each WoodenCase