Proximity Fuze AR-787Proximity, with Point Detonating for Mortar Ammunition

The AR-787 is Proximity fuze utilizing the Doppler Effect. The fuze is designated to initiate the warhead at the optimum height above the target providing the maximum effectiveness of the mortar ammunition. The fuze completes all types with all types of HE and WP mortar bombs of calibers: 60 mm, 81 mm, 82 mm, 120 mm and 160 mm.

Interchangeable with the following fuzes: DM111A2 / A3 / A4, M525, M734, M935, V19P, SC12P & with adaptor: M567, M524, M526, etc.

The fuze is safe in storage, handling and operation and ensures the safe and reliable function of the ammunition in all weather conditions.

OPERATION MODES Proximity (PRX): Detonates warhead at optimal height above target. Point Detonating (PD): Detonates warhead up-on impact with target. BACK-UP Point detonating back-up on proximity mode. ARMING

Fuze arming (when the explosive elements are in one detonating line) is enabled by two arming mechanisms: set back force; sustained air flow.


300g – Weight of Fuze
7g – Weight of Booster
95.5mm – Height
27.5mm – Intrusion Length
stanag-4187 – Military Standart
sustained airflow – 30m/s min Arming Type
0 – Safety Wire
air driven (turbine) alternator – Power Supply
otherm – upon request Height of Burst
+63°c – max Operational Temperature
+70°c – max Storage Temperature
100m – Arming Distance
-12un – standard Thread Size
ch-6 – Booster