Time Fuze DZV-90Time delay

The time fuze for 152 mm and 122 mm rounds for firing respectively from D-20, ML-20, 2C3 and D-30, M-30, 2C1

The time fuze provides initiation for the warhead at a specific time.

It is a point time fuze


348g – Weight of Fuze
39.5mm – Width
98mm – Height
mechanical – Arming Type
2 – 90s – at 0.2s increments Time Delay
0 – Safety Wire
+50°c – max Operational Temperature
+50°c – max Storage Temperature
sp 36.18x10tpi – Thread Size
3m – Safe Drop Height


10pcs – in Airtight Metal Box
4pcs – Airtight Metal Box in WoodenCase
31kg – weight of each WoodenCase
0.044cm3 – volume of each WoodenCase
520x490x171mm – dimensions of each WoodenCase