93mm Missile 9M115M “Metis”Anti-Tank Guided Missile

It is designed for destroying visible moving and stationary vehicles and other targets on the ground. The missile in the 9K115 system is an effective weapon in all seasons, in any type of climatic and weather conditions including dry and wet tropical climate and in mountain regions, as well. It can be launched at dawn and in twilight, also during the night with artificial illumination of the area with the help of standard military illumination facilities.

Three missiles in containers are placed in one bag. They are water-tight, with good floatability, and are good for river crossing. The missiles are launched from portable launching units. For guiding the missile, the task of the gunner is to keep the sight of the launching unit at the target.


6kg – Weight of Round
180m/s – Muzzle Velocity
1000 – Max Range
460mm – Armour Penetration
wire-guided – Guidance System
4rounds/min – Fire Rate


93mm caliber


4pcs – in Containers
45kg – weight of each Containers
0.147cm3 – volume of each Containers
928x372x427mm – dimensions of each Containers