30 mm Round RHV-TPwith Target Practice Grenade

The 30 mm Round RHV-TP is designed to be used for training of the army units, ensuring simulation of a real combat firing. The RHV-TP Round with its overall dimensions, ballistic and weight characteristics corresponds to RHE-HEF and VOG-17 Rounds.

The ammunition is designed for use with Automatic Grenade Launchers : AGS-17 AG-17A AGS-30 AGL-30M

The Round is safe in storage, handling and operation and ensures the reliable performance of the grenade launchers in all weather conditions.


350g – Weight of Round
133mm – Round Length
0 – Safety Wire
185 ± 3m/s – Muzzle Velocity
1.73km – Max Range


30mm caliber

Fuze Type Ballistic Plug


36pcs – in Metal Box
3pcs – Metal Box in Wooden Case
55kg – weight of each Wooden Case
0.072cm3 – volume of each Wooden Case
875x398x206mm – dimensions of each Wooden Case