M93 Black Arrow Sniper Rifle12.7x108mm

The designers had a task to create a weapon capable of destroying various targets at large distances and in different climate and terrain.

The result of their work is M93 BLACK ARROW.

A long range rifle, made on the basis of Mauser system, which was, during its one hundred years long combat history, proven to be the most accurate and most reliable bolt-action system. Primary purpose of this rifle is long range engagement of hardly visible targets and due to that, it is provided only with optical sight, which is included in the rifle set.

(8X magnification with the division up to 1600m). Its mount can accept the sights of other manufacturers as well.

Main Characteristics: Excellent balance Stock with two spring buffers Muzzle brake facilitating shooting (decreasing recoil by 62%) Stock and forehand made of polymer, reinforced with glass fibers Adjustable folding bipod – able to fit the size of the cover behind which the rifle is placed Locking – Mauser System Bolt guided along the whole length of its movement in the receiver.

Heavy barrel for accurate and precise path of fired projectile of large energetic potential. Chromium plated barrel interior Barrels are made with the technology used on heavy machine gun ballistic life of more than 5000 rounds. Manner of external making of the barrel provides quicker cooling. Stock contains two buffers that significantly decrease the effect of the recoil force to the shooter’s shoulder. Base accepts mounts for various optical-electrical devices.

A set of spares, tools and accessories belongs to each weapon.


15kg – Weight of Weapon
0.76kg – Weight of Empty Magazine
1007mm – Barrel Length
1670mm – Overall Length
800m/s – Muzzle Velocity
1600m – Max Effective Fire Range
>5000rounds – System Life


Single Shot fire mode

12.7x108mm caliber

5rounds capacity

Mauser System Function

Safety Rotating Bolt

Complete Set A set of spare tools and accessories belongs to each weapon