M07 Sniper Rifle7.62x51N

Sniper Rifle M07 functions on Mauser principle. The barrel is made of chrome-vanadium steel, by cold forging – which guarantees exceptional accuracy, consistent precision and longevity.

The stock can be adjusted to fit the ergonomy of the shooters. The length of the stock can be changed by changing the number of inserts. The height can be changed by moving the recoil pad and cheek pad. Safe and comfortable position of the shooter during firing is thus achieved.

Receiver of the action is of polygonal shape, with integrated Picatinny rail (receiver and the rail are made from one block of steel). The rifle is loaded from a detachable magazine with the capacity of 5 rounds.

Magazine is released by pushing the catch on the right side of the rifle – in the stock. Heavy barrel enables precise and accurate path of the fired projectile. Ejector box is merged into the receiver, which provides excellent compactness of the weapon.

Trigger mechanism with single trigger can be finely adjusted. Triggering is soft and precise. – Safety lever safely and quickly puts the safety on or off.

Bipod mount, folding, can be adjusted to fit the size of the cover in front of the shooter. Muzzle thread enables assembly of the auxiliary devices (muzzle brake or suppressor) and it is protected with threaded ring.


5.4kg – Weight of Weapon
0.11kg – Weight of Empty Magazine
650mm – Barrel Length
1191mm – Overall Length
840m/s – Muzzle Velocity
1000m – Max Effective Fire Range


Single Shot fire mode

7.62x51n mm caliber

5rounds capacity

Mauser System Function

Safety: Rotating Bolt

Extras: Optical Sight and adjustable, folding bipod are not included in the standard set of the rifle, but can be delivered at customer’s request