About us

BULCOMERS KS Ltd war registered in 2010 as a daughter  company of the ARMSTECHNO Ltd which exists since 2002. ARMSTECHNO Ltd produces Unmanned Air Vehicles and geological radar systems. The purpose of the BULCOMERS KS Ltd creation was the necessity to separate the production and trade activities because both companies are the sole property of the same person.

BULCOMERS KS Ltd is a company which can legally deal with military products. It has the license for export and import of the products connected with defense, the license for transfer of these products and the license for broker operations with arms and ammunition and has the permission for arms and ammunition trade inside Bulgaria. All licenses are issued by the Interdepartmental Council on the Issues of the Military Industrial Complex and the Mobilization Readiness of the Country to the Council of Ministers for Defensive Industry of Bulgarian Republic.

BULCOMERS KS Ltd Is specialized for export of the products of the Bulgarian defensive and machine building industry for all combat arms. In the company’s products export list one can find up to date products created in the scientific institutes and factories of the Bulgarian Military Industrial Complex. Newly designed products mainly belong to the sphere of information technologies, communication equipment, radars and other electronic devices. All of them are specially created to be used in the wide range of climatic and geographical conditions.

BULCOMERS KS LTD besides newly designed equipment offers different mass production weapons, military equipment and ammunition. We successfully sell armored vehicles and spare parts, artillery rounds of different calibers beginning from 23 mm up to 203 mm, guns, howitzers and mortars. The company may offer small fire arms: pistols, assault rifles, machine guns and sniper rifles of different world producers from Europe, Israel, USA, South Africa. Grenade launchers and grenades of different types, purposes and calibers. The company could also offer non-lethal anti riot means used by the police. Hand grenades of different types, anti-riot grenade launchers, 12 caliber ammunition with gas and rubber projectiles produces in USA and Israel.

Besides international trade activities BULCOMERS KS Ltd designs and implements different technical systems for the needs of the Army. The front observation post – the unit for observation and reconnaissance, ground and air reconnaissance systems, cordless net terminal for control and navigation, tactical navigation platform, different calibers gun computer and others.

Activities on the Bulgarian territory:

The company supplies the military equipment, spare parts and expendables for the Bulgarian Air Force. It sells the Air systems able to watch the moving and stationary targets to the Internal Ministry, sporting weapons to the Bulgarian biathlon federation etc. BULCOMERS KS Ltd is in the process of creation of the training center of the UAV crews. Together with the units of the Ministry of Defense, of the Ministry of Interior, Military Academy “Rakovsky” and Military Medical Academy it takes part in the development of the unified communication system.

International cooperation:

More then 11 years two companies headed by their owner perform contracts for supply military products, armaments and ammunition as well as engineering projects for the buyers in Europe, Africa, Asia and Near East.  BULCOMERS KS Ltd traditionally supports good relations with government institutions, military and police forces in the different countries all over the world. Simultaneously the share of the NATO standard weapons and equipment in the export list of BULCOMERS KS Ltd permanently grows. Joint projects with the foreign companies in the industrial and other spheres are regarded as the priority of the company’s policy.