Joint (Right Hand)

Joint (Right Hand) comes fully assembled

  • 4140 Hardened Chromoly Housing and
  • Spanner Nut Hardened 416 Stainless Steel Ball,
  • Polyurethane Races,

manufactured by Prothane Adjustable Spanner nut to tighten in case of wear.

The Joint (Right Hand) is built for heavy loads. Its extra large 3/4″ bore (bolt hole) is large enough to handle heavy torque while the huge 3.0″ diameter, .485″ wall (nearly 1/2″ thick!) housing accommodates 34 degrees of total misalignment.

The big 2″ hardened Stainless Steel ball distributes the forces over a larger surface area which translates into a better ride and longer life as well as superior strength and durability. Our entire line of 3.0 Joint (Right Hand) feature thermoset cast Polyurethane races. These races won’t deform under load and provide a smooth bearing surface for a noise free ride.

The price for Joint (Right Hand) is 275,00 USD.