40mm Round KO-7VMZHollow-Charge Fragmentation Anti-Tank Grenade for RPG-7V

The KO-7 HE/HEAT grenade has been developed as modular unit, with the warhead consisting of a hollow-charge (HEAT) section and a fragmentation (HE) section.

It is intended to defeat personnel, including when protected by individual protective means (armor vests), located in the open, in field type shelters, buildings and armoured vehicles. The hollow-charge section creates a hollow-charge efflux capable of defeating modern models of light armoured vehicles and older models of tanks.

The fragmentation section creates a high-efficiency fragmentation field with fragments of optimum weight. The round is fitted with a VP-22M fuze.


1.75kg – Weight of Loaded Magazine
152m/s – Muzzle Velocity
1000 – Max Range
1400pcs – at 0.25g Fragments
150mm – Armour Penetration
4 – 6rounds/min – Fire Rate