60mm Mortar Round HE 80High Explosive Fragmentation Round

The HE 80 Mortar Bomb is one of the most up – to – date high explosive bombs of 60 mm caliber. Its performance – especially range, and effect – is the best possible for any tactical purpose.

The HE 80 Mortar Bomb is destined for fighting uncovered living targets, as well as unarmored means of transportation. The highly explosive force, together with the best possible splinter formation, makes it a bomb of utmost efficiency.

The optimum fragmentation effect of proximately 500 effective fragments is achieved by the use of spheroidal graphite cast iron with predominantly ferritic structure.

The HE80 Mortar Bomb is designed to be used with 60 mm Mortars (COMMANDO Mortar C6-210, BRANDT model 35, Tampella, Thompson Houston – Hotchkiss – Brandt “Commando”, MO-60-63, 60 mm M-57, etc.). Optimum effect is obtained by barrel length 1000 mm (Mortar M6-211 LR).


1.6kg – Weight of Mortar Bomb
200g – Explosive Filling
300mm – Overall Length
0 – Safety Wire 500pcs Fragments


60mm caliber

Fuze Type Impact SQ AF62(FPDSQ2) M6-N AF64(M52-B3)


1pcs – in Container
10pcs – Container in Wooden Case
25kg – weight of each Wooden Case
0.036cm3 – volume of each Wooden Case
420x400x216mm – dimensions of each Wooden Case