81mm Mortar Round TBThermobaric Round

The round with 81 mm mortar bomb fitted with thermobaric warhead for L16A1, US M1 and M8-111 mortars is integrated for defeating of enemy manpower in the open, in urban built-up areas, in fortifications, bad country and vehicles. It causes heavy damage and impossibility to deliver combat thus minimizing civilian casualties.

At burst, the mortar bomb creates a peak of overpressure of 50 kPa in a radius of minimum 5 m from the hit point in a open ground or a closed room with a volume of 60 m3. The blast wave is propagated copying the surface contour. In the burst zone, oxygen “Ignites” and the temperature goes up beyond the limit of 800- C.


3.9kg – Weight of Mortar Bomb
1.1kg – Explosive Filling
635mm – Overall Length
0 – Safety Wire


81mm caliber

Fuze Type M734A1 PDI Other Multi-Option Fuze


3pcs – in Plastic container