82mm Mortar Round ILL82Illuminating Round

DESIGNATION: 82 mm Illuminating Mortar Bomb ILL 82 is intended for artificial illumination of target area for the purposes of reconnaissance, firing, supporting the fire of the anti-tank means and for performance of other tactical actions on the battlefield. 82 mm Illuminating Mortar Bomb ILL 82 can be fired from the following 82 mm Mortars of Russian standard: mod. 1937, mod. 1941, mod. 1943, 52-M-832, etc.

CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION: 82 mm Illuminating Mortar Bomb ILL 82 is a ready-to-use Mortar bomb, completely assembled with pyrotechnic time-and-super quick fuze and charged with a set of propellant charges (ignition cartridge plus set of increment charges). The main parts of the bombshell are: fairing, body and 10-vane fin assembly, all made of aluminum alloys. The payload of the bomb is a movable illuminating system consisting of parachute system and illuminating flare. The flare consists of a steel cup and illuminating pyrotechnical composition. In a defined point of the trajectory, the fuze through the black powder pellet gives an impulse for the ignition of the flare and for the ejection of the illuminating system over the target. After the ejection, flare descent is smooth and slow due to the parachute system, and by its spiral motion provides maximum illuminating effect during the whole time of flare burning.


3.5kg – Weight of Mortar Bomb
800g – Explosive Filling
495mm – Overall Length
0 – Safety Wire
220 – Min Range
2.67km – Max Range
850 000cd – Luminous Intensity
30s – Burning Time
4 – 6m/s – Rate of Descent


82mm caliber

Fuze Type Pyrotechnic time-and-superquick fuze FTSQ T-1


1pcs – in Container
6pcs – Container in Wooden Case
38kg – weight of each Wooden Case
0.051cm3 – volume of each Wooden Case
599x325x261mm – dimensions of each Wooden Case