40x46mm Round RLV-ILL-YSYellow Illuminating Grenade

The RLV-ILL-YS Round is intended to provide illumination of the target area in the dark. It enhances the tactical capabilities, contributes for the increase in the effectiveness of the conducted operations. The propellant charge provides the required muzzle velocity of the grenade and ensures its stable flight. After the grenade has been launched out of the grenade launcher barrel and has reached height 185 m, the illuminating system gets activated.

The rounds are designed to be fired from: Underbarrel Grenade Launchers: UBGL-M8, UBGL-M7, UBGL-M16; M203; HK 69; etc.; Stand-alone Grenade Launchers: UGGL-M1, HK 69A1; M 79; STAR FN SCAR; M320; etc.

The ammunition can be stored in non-heated storerooms for 10 years, but only if they are kept in the standard packing of the manufacturer. Usability after extraction from the original package – 3 years.


250g – Weight of Round
134mm – Round Length
300 – Max Range
180 – 190m – Star Flight Altitude
16 000cd – Light Intensity Yellow Color
4.1 – 4.9s – Time Delay Double BasePowder Type


40x46mm caliber


28pcs – in Metal Box
3pcs – Metal Box in Wooden Case
40kg – weight of each Wooden Case
0.072cm3 – volume of each Wooden Case
875x398x206mm – dimensions of each Wooden Case