Designed for aiming at night using various weapons as assault rifles, sni pers, hunting and sport rifles.

Ballistic and a long range scale.


4x – Magnification
from 25m to infinity – Objective focus
Fixed, minus 0.75 dptr – Dioptric adjustment of ocular
> 700m – Distance of detection (for IIT XD-4, 60lp/mm, 1mlux, human figure)
> 500m – Distance of recognition (for IIT XD-4, 60lp/mm, 1mlux, human figure)
In the center: > 200lp/mm; In the end of field: >100lp/mm – Image Intensifier Tube Resolution
1pc. 1.5V or 3.6V “AA” battery – Power supply source
With 1.5V battery – min 50h; With 3.6V battery – min 12h – Operating time
208x78x99 (without eyecup) – Overall dimensions (LxBxH)
1,290 kg (including battery) – Weight

Objective specifications Designed for work with an IIT

f’=90mm – Effective focal light
f/#=1.41 – f/number
2w=11.1° – Field of view
<1% – Distortion
> 200lp/mm; >100lp/mm – Resolution: in the center; in the end of field
450…950nm – Spectral range
450…950nm – Coating for spectral range
τ>75% – Transmission

Ocular specifications

f’=22.5mm – Focal distance
< 4% – Distortion
S’P’=30mm – Eye relief
DP’=4.5mm – Exit pupil diameter
500…620nm – Spectral range

Scale specifications

Ballistic and a long range scale Coating for λ=610nm
±1° in elevation and direction 1MOA, with fixation – Adjustment accuracy
Image Intensifier Tube: All types:18mm; Auto- Gating