This IR Module is designed for fast and accurate fire with long barrel fire arms with standard attaching interface on MIL STD 1913. It combines the functions of IR Flashlight and IR Target Designator.

Observation and sighting is performed using a night vision device. IR Laser Target Designator and IR Flashlight are in a common aluminum body.

IR Module can operate in the following basic modes:
– IR Laser Target Designator ON;
– IR Flashlight ON;
– IR Laser Target Designator & IR Flashlight ON
– Low power mode for night vision devices with bigger amplification.


200 mW – Output
800 nm – Wavelength
3 hours – Operation duration
3B – Class of laser radiation

IR Laser Target Designator

3,5 mW – Laser Output
3 R – Class of laser radiation
< 0,5 mrad – Laser beam divergence
850 nm – Wavelength of radiation
> 2 000 m – Distance of illumination
12 hours – Operation duration

IR Module

1 pc lithium battery type LIR17335 with sizes Ø17 x 33,5 mm – Power supply source
not less than 60 min – Non-stop operation
from –10°C to +50°C – Operational temperature range
from –40°C to +80°C – Storage temperature range
2 hours under 1 m dept water – Hermetic
0,270 kg – Weight
80 x 54 x 43,5 mm – Sizes