Designed to determine the azimuth, to provide orientation according to the stars location, to measure the horizontal and vertical terrain angles as well as for determining distances up to 400 m based to a certain outer base.

The periscopic artillery aiming circle can be used at the observation point of the fire position, as well as for topographic works at daytime and under low visibility conditions (dusk), using illumination for the scales of aiming circle, the monocular and the long range measuring rod. The available periscope in the set allows observation from a covered position.

PAB 2AM is available in different complete sets, and it is supplied according to our customers’ request with scale graduation in mils (1/6400). Complete set includes: Aiming circle, Periscope, Tripod, Azimuth Head, Illuminator, Measuring rod, Spares and accessories kit, Bag for the Aiming ci rcle and Spares kit; Periscope case, Aiming circle case – 1 piece of each.


Aiming circle

8 x – Magnification
0 – 83/87 m – Field of view (with and without the periscope ):in artillery thousandths 1/6000) in linear meters at distance 1 000m
12,5 mm – Exit pupil distance
2,8 mm – Exit pupil diameter
22 mm – Entrance pupil diameter
350 mm – Periscopity
Range of angle measuring ,artillery thousandths (1/6000):
60 – 00 (360°) – Horizontal angles
± 3 – 00 (18 °) – Vertical angles
Value of divisions of the angle measuring scale and aiming circle scale:
1-00 – coarse, artillery thousandths 1/6000)
0-01 – precise, artillery thousandths 1/6000)
Value of divisions of the scale for vertical reading::
1-00 – coarse, artillery thousandths 1/6000)
0-01 – precise, artillery thousandths 1/6000)
± 0-01(3,6’) – Reading accuracy, artillery thousandths (1/6000)
0-03 – Value of the round level divisions, artillery thousandths (1/6000)

Azimuth Head

4 x – Magnification
9° 20’ – Field of view
9,6 mm – Exit pupil distance
4 mm – Exit pupil diameter
2’ – Value of the level division
0 – 00,4 (1,5’) – Sighting line shift from the vertical line while turning at vertical plane at 90°, artillery thousandths (1/6000)
2.4V two accumulator batteries type 2 HKKB-2 in parallel connected – Supply Power
from – 40°C to +50°C – Operational Temperature Range
15 kg – Weight(Complete set)