Unmanned air vehicle, model NITI

Download NITI broshure

The NITI (UAV) was designed in 2006 by a team of Bulgarian experts with considerable skill in design and construction of multi-use UAV’s. NITI possesses excellent aero dynamic design making it a highly durable and reliable. It maintains stability during climatic extremes. The NITI features long range distance and prolonged flight duration capacity.

The modified wing span design adds increased degrees of airspeed and altitude. A variety of engines are easily installed into the NITI (UAV) to match the mission. NITI is composed of a unique composite materials reinforced by aircraft carbon fiber. Survivability overload reaches a maximum of up to 8 g.

NITI (UAV) unique aero dynamic design, wing span, and variety of engine fittings makes it a highly effective and reliable tool of any long range aerial surveillance arsenal. NITI (UAV) offers easy field maintenance and assembly.