ATGL-L5 Light Anti-Tank Grenade Launcher40mm

The ATGL-L5 is a mighty reliable recoilless weapon for destroying tanks, self-propelled artillery units and other armoured vehicles of the enemy, as well as the enemy’s manpower in open and in armoured shelters. Effective range of the rounds is depending of the round type.


7.61kg – with sighting device Weight of Weapon
950mm – Overall Length
125mm – with gathered and locked legs Bipod Width
4 – 6rounds/min – Fire Rate
another 250rounds – after a through repair System Life


40mm caliber

Sights SGL-7A and MNV-50 Optical Sight with elevating mechanism and night vision device

Complete Set Optical Sight & Night Vision Device Case with a set of individual Spare Parts, Tools and Accessories(SPTA) Box with Repair SPTA set for 9 weapons Sling and cleaning rod set belt with cover bag for 3 rounds bag for 2 rounds

Extras Can be equipped with a bipod


9pcs – in Wooden Case
100 kg – for weapons
weight of each Wooden Case – 55 kg
for SPTA – weight of each Wooden Case
0.076cm3 – volume of each Wooden Case
1240x650x440mm – for weapons
dimensions of each Wooden Case – 1530x640x334mm
for SPTA – dimensions of each Wooden Case