BGA-30 Automatic Grenade Launcher30mm

AGL-30mm /M93/ is an infantry weapon intended for destruction of uncovered and covered living force at distances up to 1700 m, as well as for destruction of light armored vehicles at distances up to 1000 m.

AGL-30 mm set includes: 30 mm Grenade Launcher M93, mount, sighting device NSBG-1, ammunition boxes with belts (30 links).

Complete set of the weapon includes Rectification sight DR – 30 for rectification and testing of rectification without firing live ammunition.

Complete set of the weapon includes sighting device NSBG-1, that enables direct, semi-direct and indirect aiming and aiming when the visibility is low.

AGL-30 can only fire bursts, and the rate of fire can be changed.

The following ammunition can used: 30 mm round with grenade T-M93P1 30 mm round with practice grenade, VG-M93 30 mm round with practice marking, VMG-M93 30 mm round, blank

The interior of the barrel is chrome plated. AGL-30 is loaded from a belt that is placed in the drum. The drum has the capacity of 29 grenades.

The belt is filled in the belt filler that is supplied within the set of AGL-30.

The design of tripod enables quick change from marching to combat position and vice versa. At customer’s request and depending on tactical purpose, AGL-30 is assembled to combat vehicles and helicopters.


14kg – of tripod Weight of Weapon
380mm – Barrel Length
857mm – Overall Length
185m/s – Muzzle Velocity
65-70rounds/min – Fire Rate
50-120rounds/min – Min Fire Rate
350-400rounds/min – Max Fire Rate
700m – at light armoured vehicles Max Fire Range
1700m – Max Effective Fire Range


Burst Fire (selective) fire mode

30mm caliber

30rounds capacity

Free Recoil of the Bolt Function

Safety Inertial