M72 AB1 Light Machine Gun7.62x39mm with Detachable Bipod

Light Machine Gun M72B1 functions on the basis of Kalashnikov system, which is known as an efficient and highly reliable locking system.

Trigger mechanism of Light Machine Gun M72B1 is exceptionally reliable and safe.

Barrel of Light Machine Gun M72B1 is made by cold forging. The weapon has good ergonomy and it is excellently balanced. It has mild recoil, small weight and it is very compact.

The stock is made of quality beech wood. Light Machine Gun M72B1 functions in all environments.

Light Machine Gun M72B1 can fire single shots and bursts. Change of the type of fire is made by moving the fire selector. In highest position, it blocks the triggering mechanism, trigger and prevents cocking of the gun. The weapon is safely blocked.

Automatic safety system of Light Machine Gun M72B1 prevents accidental firing before the weapon is locked.

Light Machine Gun M72B1 is loaded from a detachable 30 round magazine. It is possible to use special 75 round magazine that is delivered at the request of a customer.

The magazine used for members of group 7,62x39mm is identical.

The AB1 Version has a bipod, which can be taken off. This makes it possible to shoot from small holes on armoured vehicles.

Front and rear iron sights: rear – folding, adjustable; front – post – adjustable.

The weapon can have tritium tubes that facilitate aiming when the visibility is low.

At the customer’s request, the weapon can be ordered with an optical sight base and the set can include a mount and optical sight.

Gas regulator enables using of the gun in all environments and when it is extremely dirty. Integrated bipod can be assembled and it makes aiming and burst fire easier.

Fluted barrel is quickly cooled and this enables heavy duty of the weapon.

Blank ammunition attachment, delivered within the set, enables function of the weapon in automatic mode when practice ammunition is used.


5.37kg – Weight of Weapon
0.36kg – Weight of Empty Magazine
542mm – Barrel Length
1025mm – Overall Length
745m/s – Muzzle Velocity
620 ±60rounds/min – Fire Rate
400m – Max Effective Fire Range


Selective Fire (semi- and full automatic) fire mode

7.62x39mm caliber

30rounds capacity

gas operated Function

Safety Rotating Bolt

Bipod Type Detachable