M86 Machine Gun7.62x54R

The M86 Machine Gun is intended for assembly to tanks and combat vehicles as an auxiliary machine gun. On its bottom side there is a connection for vehicles (two holes for shafts).

It has an electric trigger that enables firing without direct contact of the shooter with the machine gun. Mechanical triggering is possible – through the lever on the electrical trigger.

When conditions are extreme, the position of gas flow regulator can provide an adequate gas flow, so the light machine gun will always function reliably.

The barrel is quickly and easily stripped from the light machine gun, so when the gun is heavily used it is possible to cool it quickly and replace it with the spare one. At customer’s request, the set of the gun can include a spare barrel.

The barrel is made by cold forging, which guarantees its durability and permanence. The interior of the barrel is chrome plated, which provides unaltered ballistic characteristics for several thousands of fired rounds.

Flash suppressor on the muzzle disperses powder gas and decreases the flash of the flame, hiding the position of the shooter. The machine gun set includes belts and ammunition boxes with the capacity of 250 rounds.

At customer’s request, belt filler is supplied within the set of the machine gun. Manufacturer’s suggestion: one filler is used for three guns.

The machine gun does not have iron sights, due to its primary purpose – assembly to vehicles, as an auxiliary machine gun.


11.6kg – Weight of Weapon
9.4kg – loaded ammunition box with belt of 250 Weight of Loaded Ammunition Box
780mm – Barrel Length
1100mm – Overall Length
825m/s – Muzzle Velocity
700-800rounds/min – Fire Rate
250rounds/min – Practical Fire Rate
1000m – Max Effective Fire Range


Full Automatic fire mode

7.62x54r mm caliber

100/250rounds Box Capacity

Gas operated Function

Safety Rotating Bolt