60mm Long Range Mortar M60MA

The 60 mm Mortar M60MA Long Range is maximum reliability in extra-ordinary conditions and intended: to support its own army units using indirect fire; to destroy, by curved-trajectory fire, the enemy manpower in open, in light field shelters and trenches, as well as in counter scraps; against light armoured targets; for creating a smoke screen and terrain illumination. Having high accuracy and reliability, mighty firing capacity and easy operation and maintenance, as well as suitable for firing different 60 mm Mortar Bombs types, this Mortar is the perfect weapon for different combat operations.


1 kg – of sight Weight of Weapon
1000mm – Barrel Length
350mm – Base Plate Diameter
24rounds/min – without correction of fire direction Fire Rate
150m – Min Fire Range
3130 m – with HE80 Max Fire Range
650bar – Max Operating Gas Pressure
mils – range Elevation
mils – range Traverse


60mm caliber

Spare Parts: Firing pin; Retaining ring; Leather rings for the base plate set

Tools: Lever Breechblock key Bent wrench for hexagon head screws SW 6mm

Complete Set: 2Pcs.; Aiming posts 2Pcs.; Canvas carriers; Haversack for ammunition Oil can; Bag for small parts; Barrel brush with extension; Muzzle cover Mortar; Sight MUM-706M;


2pcs – in Wooden Case
93kg – weight of each Wooden Case
0.349cm3 – volume of each Wooden Case
1240x640x440mm – dimensions of each Wooden Case