60mm Commando Mortar M60CMA

The 60 mm Commando Mortar M60CMA is intended to destroy enemy manpower in open, in light field shelters and trenches, as well in counter scarps.

The reliable and light Mortar meets the highest tactical and logistic requests: portable by one soldier high firing capacity and accuracy quick and easy operation.

The mortar is suitable for special missions, especially on difficult terrain. All types of 60mm mortar bombs can be fired from this mortar.

Important: It is absolutely prohibited to fire any type of Mortar Bombs with bigger than 2nd increment charge from 60mm Commando Mortar M60CMA!


5.7kg – Weight of Weapon
1600mm – Barrel Length
815mm – Overall Length
30rounds/min – Fire Rate
50m – Min Fire Range
250bar – Max Operating Gas Pressure


60mm caliber

Spare Parts Firing pin assy. firing spring

Tools: Screw key SW17mm; Bent wrench for hexagon socket head screws SW 5mm; Bent wrench for hexagon socket head screws SW 6mm

Complete Set: Oil can; Two-part wiper arm Barrel brush; Muzzle cover bag for SPTA set; Mortar Sight MUM-706M


6pcs – in Wooden Case
88kg – weight of each Wooden Case
0.349cm3 – volume of each Wooden Case
1240x640x440mm – dimensions of each Wooden Case