M8 Mortar 81mm

The 81 mm Mortar M8-221 is highest firepower and maximum reliability, intended to destroy by curved- trajectory fire the enemy manpower in open, in light field shelters and trenches, as well in counter scarps.

Thanks to its high firing capacities, high accuracy and quick and easy operations, they are suitable for all types of combat, especially as indirect fire support for infantry, paratroops and armored personnel carriers.

All types of 81 mm mortar Bombs can be fired from this Mortar.


1 kg – of sight Weight of Weapon
1480 mm – with breech block Barrel Length
546mm – Base Plate Diameter
15rounds/min – Fire Rate
900bar – Max Operating Gas Pressure
mils – range Elevation
mils – range Traverse


81mm caliber

Spare Parts: Firing pin; Retaining ring; Set of leather rings for the base plate: 2Pcs. Leather rings for the shock absorbers; O-ring for ball socket

Tools: Screw key SW17mm; Bent wrench for hexagon socket head screws SW 5mm; Bent wrench for hexagon socket head screws SW 6mm

Complete Set: Oil can; Two-part wiper arm; Barrel brush; Muzzle cover; Bag for SPTA set; Mortar Sight MUM-706M


1pcs – in Wooden Case
109kg – weight of each Wooden Case
0.525cm3 – volume of each Wooden Case
1600x820x400mm – dimensions of each Wooden Case