Avalanche Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher40mm Revolver Type

The AVALANCHE MSGL is a powerful, individual, hand, semiautomatic firing weapon designed for the destruction of single or group personal targets in an open area, as well as in trenches and light shelters of field type at a distance up to 400 m through flat trajectory fire with discontinued rate of firing. The product is suitable for use by the army, the border police and special police units.

Main Components: block of 6 barrels, body with breech-block and sighting devices, housing with trigger-firing mechanism and handle, butt-stock with shock absorber and butt plate, front shield, stock.

The Breech-block is driven by a coil spring.Loading of the Launcher is performed by the muzzle of each barrel and rotation of the barrel block for next barrel loading tights the coil spring. The trigger-firing mechanism is of the self-cocking type.Rotation of the barrels by one step is made after releasing the trigger lever. Under the action of the coil spring the barrels block and the breech block rotate per one step and are fixed by the lock of the barrels block. For convenient holding of the Launcher at firing are used a telescopic metal butt stock with inbuilt spring shock absorber and rubber back plate. For sighting is used the foresight adjustable in height and aside and movable sight with slots for firing every 50 m from 100 m to 400 m.

The overall length of the round fired from MSGL should be not more than 114 mm.


7.9kg – loaded Weight of Weapon
388mm – in travelling position Overall Length
76m/s – Muzzle Velocity
12rounds/min – Practical Fire Rate
400m – Max Fire Range
1000rounds – Barrel Life


Single Shot fire mode

revolver fire type

40mm caliber

Complete Set Butt plate with sling Brush Box with drift and screwdriver Bag for launcher Bag for grenades Set of group SPTA for 6 launchers


6pcs – in Wooden Case
75kg – weight of each Wooden Case
0.208cm3 – volume of each Wooden Case
1125x500x370mm – dimensions of each Wooden Case