CZ 999 Scorpion Pistol

CZ999 Scorpion Pistol is a semi-automatic weapon that functions on the principle of short recoil of the barrel. Locking is achieved by vertical oscillation of the barrel, that comes into the hole on the slide.

Pistol CZ999 is a modern weapon that is used as a service gun and as a self-defence gun. Due to its excellent design, ergonomy, state-of-the-art technology methods in production, the weapon is distinguished by precision, accuracy and functionality. The frame of the pistol is made of aluminium alloy, so a robust gun has small weight. Chrome plated barrel guarantees long service life and easy maintenance.

It functions as a single action or a double action pistol. Feeding is done from a double-row detachable magazine with the capacity of 15 rounds.

All controls on the pistol are ambidextrous and they can be used either with the left or the right hand. The design of the pistols enables the controls to have several functions. Loaded chamber indicator shows whether a round is in the barrel. Sights are square, with white spots and they provide easier aiming when the visibility is low.


0.93kg – Weight of Weapon
108mm – Barrel Length
198mm – Overall Length
140mm – Height


Double Action/Single Action (DA/SA)

Fire mode semi automatic fire type

9x19mm luger (parabellum) caliber

15rounds capacity

Sights Square Sights with white spots