P-M02 Compact Pistol9x19mm Luger (Parabellum) – Single Action

The 9×19 mm Pistol P-M02 Compact is a personal self-loading weapon intended to destroy enemy manpower at close range up to 50 meters. The pistol is ideal for the needs of army and police forces, as well as for self-defence and sport shooting.

The P-M02 has the tactical capabilities of the army pistols, such as combat rate of fire, magazine capacity and firing range, but has the overall dimensions of the compact pistols, which considerably enlarges the range of its users.

The life of the P-MO2 Compact is highly increased thanks to it fiberglass reinforced polymer frame, the special steel insert attached to the frame, the polygonal rifled barrel, etc.

The pistol is safe to carry, operate, handle and maintain due to the following advance features:

Pistol Operation: delayed blowback, self-loading, single and double action.

Pistol Finish: Matte Oxidation Ambidextrous safety lever Reversible magazine release capable of being installed and operated either from left or right side Rail MIL-STD 1913 (Picatinny) for attaching various laser aim-indicators, flashlights, tactical laser illuminators, etc., Luminous 3-dot combat sight, giving a very bright glow for outstanding visibility and fast target acquisition Trigger firing mechanism, made as one integral unit, which facilitates its replacement Field stripping without any additional tools

The pistol is delivered with below accessories: Picatinny Rail Cover Universal Holster Carrying Strap 2 Magazines /1 spare/ Cleaning Kit (Bore Brush, 3 Different kinds of Slush Brush, Cleaning rod, Extension)

The pistol can also be ordered with below additional extras: Trigger Locking Device Tactical Laser Illuminator Tactical Holster Bag for 1 or 2 Magazines


0.76kg – Weight of Weapon
103.6mm – Barrel Length
180mm – Overall Length
340m/s – Muzzle Velocity
30rounds/min – Practical Fire Rate
6000rounds – System Life
10000rounds – Barrel Life


Single Action (SA) fire mode

Semi automatic fire type

9x19mm luger (parabellum) caliber

15rounds capacity

Safety Ambidextrous Safety Lever

Finish Matte Oxidation

Sights Luminous 3-dot combat sight

Complete Set: Picatinny Rail Cover; Universal Holster; Carrying Strap; 2 Magazines cleaning kit bore brush; 3 different kinds of slush brush cleaning rod extension

Extras: Trigger Locking Device; Tactical Laser Illuminator; Tactical Holster; Bag for 1 or 2 Magazines;


1pcs – in Cardboard box
0.002cm3 – volume of each Cardboard box
30pcs – Cardboard box in Wooden Case
70kg – weight of each Wooden Case
0.181cm3 – volume of each Wooden Case
240x170x50mm – dimensions of each Cardboard box
1168x604x256mm – dimensions of each Wooden Case