M91 Sniper Rifle7.62x54R

Sniper rifle M91 is a gun of exceptional accuracy at large distances.

It functions in extreme climate and terrain conditions.

Certain design solutions are the result of careful study of combat tactics and experience of military and police units.

Barrel is made by technology of cold forging and best quality materials are used in production.

The ergonomy of the stock provides safe and comfortable position of the shooter during firing. Cheek pad, that is mounted on the stock, adds to comfortable position of shooter’s head during aiming.

The M91 base for optical-electrical devices is fixed on the left side of the receiver.

At customer’s request, the rifle is delivered with optical sight.

Sniper rifle M91 fires single shots. Selector in ” safe position” blocks the trigger mechanism, trigger and prevents cocking of the weapon. The weapon is safely blocked.

Automatic safety system of assault rifle M91 prevents firing before the weapon is locked. The rifle is loaded with a detachable magazine with capacity of 10 rounds. Front and rear iron sights: rear – folding, adjustable; front – adjustable post.

Tritium tubes built into sights make aiming easier when the visibility is low. Gas flow regulator enables the shooter to use the weapon in extremely harsh climates and when it is rather dirty. Flash suppressor, threaded to the muzzle, masks the position of the shooter during firing.

Knife, which is included in the set, is simply assembled to the weapon. Sound suppressor is assembled to the rifle quickly and simply. It decreases the level of noise by minimum 12dB gives the enemy false impression of the location of the sound. It is supplied at customer’s request.


5.21kg – Weight of Weapon
0.22kg – Weight of Empty Magazine
620mm – Barrel Length
1195mm – Overall Length
790m/s – Muzzle Velocity
1000m – Max Effective Fire Range


Semi-automatic fire mode

7.62x54r mm caliber

10rounds capacity

Gas-Operated Function

Safety: Rotating Bolt

Extras: Optical Sight and adjustable, folding bipod are not included in the standard set of the rifle, but can be delivered at customer’s request