M21 Sub-Machine Gun5.56x45mm NATO with Folding Butt

Submachine Gun M21 is a compact weapon, functioning on Kalashnikov principle.

Its fire power gives tactics organizers the possibility to equip special units of army and police.

The stock is polymer, folding, with the possibility of quick change of position.

Provides aiming and accurate fire in all environments.

Apart from efficient and reliable locking system, Submachine Gun M21 has comfortable trigger mechanism and it is loaded with a 30-round magazine.

The weapon can be delivered with polymer or metal stock.

Function modes: safety on, single shot and burst. The mode is chosen by moving the safety lever, which is placed on the left side of the weapon, or by changing the position of the selector – on the right side of the weapon. Iron sights: * front (post) / * rear (leaf blade) with tritium tubes that provide easier aiming when the visibility is low.

Base enables assembly of the mount for optical-electronic devices. Picatinny rail is optionally supplied. Flash suppressor disperses gun powder gas and decreases the flash of the flame, thus hiding the position of the weapon. Barrel is made by cold forging, interior is chrome plated, which guarantees high accuracy and durability of the weapon.

Excellent ergonomy, with well balanced weight, provides mild recoil and easy control of fire.


3.91kg – Weight of Weapon
0.35kg – metal Weight of Empty Magazine
325mm – Barrel Length
825mm – with extended stock Overall Length
800m/s – Muzzle Velocity
600 ±50rounds/min – Fire Rate
200m – Max Effective Fire Range


Selective Fire (semi- and full automatic) fire mode

5.56x45mm nato caliber

30rounds capacity

gas operated Function

Safety Rotating Bolt