“Shipka” Sub-Machine Gun9x18mm Makarov

Sub-machine gun Shipka 9×18 is a powerful individual automatic weapon designed to be used against enemy forces in the open at a distance up to 150 meters.

There are number of advantages that Shipka has compared to the standard combat pistol, which makes it suitable for usage by police departments, special forces fighting against organized crime, security forces, and special army forces.


2kg – Weight of Weapon
0.53kg – Weight of Loaded Magazine
150mm – Barrel Length
360mm – with extended stock Overall Length
320m/s – Muzzle Velocity
600-650rounds/min – Fire Rate
100rounds/min – automatic Practical Fire Rate
150m – Sighting Range


Full Automatic fire mode

9x18mm makarov caliber

32rounds capacity

gas operated Function

Complete Set box with individual spta set drift screwdriver bag for magazines bag for weapon carrier for weapon strap cleaning rod 2 magazines

Extras Laser aim indicator silencer


20pcs – in Wooden Case
96kg – weight of each Wooden Case
102 kg – with silencer weight of each Wooden Case
0.283cm3 – volume of each Wooden Case
1380x530x387mm – dimensions of each Wooden Case