BGP40 M70 Under-barrel Grenade Launcher40mm for M70 Assault Rifle

40mm Under-barrel Grenade Launcher is intended for neutralization of enemy’s living force, firearms and unarmoured vehicles: 50 to 350 m direct fire (bottom part of angles on sighting device)

200 to 300 m indirect fire (bottom part of angles on sighting device)

BGP – 40 M70 is a version that is assembled to Assault Rifles M70 B1 and M70AB2

BGP can accept the following ammunition: HE grenade cumulative grenades incendiary smoke practice

The design prevents firing from BGP 40mm when it is not on the rifle, although it functions as a system that is separate from the rifle. The interior of the barrel is chrome plated.Rubber buffer is set to the rifle to amortize the blow during firing.In direct firing, aiming is done through iron sights (front and rear). In indirect aiming, the shooter uses plummet.

BGP is carried in its holster or on a combat vest (when stripped) The complete set of the gun includes a carrying bag for 10 grenades. At customer’s request, BGP can be adapted to fit the rifles of other manufacturers.


0.15kg – of rubber buffer Weight of Weapon
120mm – Barrel Length
323mm – Overall Length
103mm – Round Length
76.5m/s – Muzzle Velocity
4 – 6rounds/min – Practical Fire Rate
20m – Action Radius
200-350m – for indirect aiming Sight Division


Single Shot fire mode

40mm caliber