73mm Round OG-15High Explosive Fragmentation Anti-Personnel Grenade for 2A28

The OG-15 round with the OG-9MZ FRAG-HE grenade for the 2-28 gun mounted on the BMP-1 vehicle is intended for use against manpower of the enemy located in the open, in trenches, field type shelters or brick structures. The OG-15 round consists of the OG-9MZ FRAG-HE grenade and the OG-15P propellant charge. The OG-9MZ grenade is fitted with ready preformed fragments and contains a more powerful explosive. 

The fragmentation and blasting effect is doubled as compared to that of the OG-9V round. The grenade incorporates a GO-2 nose fuze of instantaneous and inertial action with distant arming, which is fitted with a device designed to ensure the fuzes reliable function at small impact angles.

The OG-15P propellant charge, serving to launch the OG-9MZ grenade with a definite muzzle velocity, consists of a cartridge case with a tube and an electric percussion primer, and strip ballistic powder. The operating temperature range of the round is from -40 C up to +50 C.