73mm Round RHEF-9MA1High Explosive Fragmentation Anti-Personnel Grenade

73 mm Round RHEF-9MA1 with High-explosive Fragmentation Anti-personnel Grenade GHEF-9MA1 (Improved, modernized version of High-explosive Fragmentation Anti-personnel rounds for SPG-9)

DESIGNATION The 73 mm Round RHEF-9MA1 is the best and most powerful ammunition designed for destroying enemy troops and fire means in the open, in trenches, in hasty field shelters or brick-wall fortifications, light armoured vehicles and the infantry. Providing enormous destructive power, this round is perfect especially against terrorists hiding in caves. The round is made by a new design of the High-explosive fragmentation grenade using own developed pre-fragmented steel body. This innovation vigorously improves several times the destructive power and effectiveness of the Round upon impact. Used with the 73 mm Antitank Grenade Launchers of ATGL-H family and Russian SPG-9, the round characterizes with high accuracy, low dispersion and huge destructive power.

CONSTRUCTION The Round RHEF-9MA1 consists of High-explosive Grenade GHEF-9MA1 and Start Booster CP-92. The Grenade GHEF-9MA1 is equipped with warhead and consists of pre-fragmented steel body and bursting charge of powerful explosive mixture of high-explosive action. The round is completed with point-detonating fuze AF71 with super-quick and graze (anti-ricochet) function, independent of impact angle.

FUNCTION Before firing, take out the CP-92 from the plastic container and screw it on the Grenade. When the round is fired, the CP-92 gets activated, the pressure of its powder gases creates the required initial velocity of the Grenade, and the Stabilizer ensures its stable flight to the target. Upon impact, the point-detonating fuze AF71 gets activated, which in its turn, actuates the bursting charge of the grenade GHEF-9MA1.At the time of the grenade detonation, over than 1000 fragments of weight 1.0…2.0 g fly away, defeating the target.


75g – Explosive Filling
5.48kg – Weight of Round
3.68g – Weight of Granade
0 – Safety Wire
316m/s – Muzzle Velocity
4.5km – Max Range
1000pcs – at 1-2g Fragments
6 rounds/min – Fire Rate


73mm caliber

Fuze Type AF-71


6 pcs – grenades
in Wooden Case – 6 pcs
charges – in Wooden Case
64kg – weight of each Wooden Case
0.171cm3 – volume of each Wooden Case
1065x525x305mm – dimensions of each Wooden Case