40mm Round ARFG-25P (VOG-25P)Air Burst Bouncing High Explosive – Self Destruct Grenade (ABHE-SD)

40mm ARFG-25P Air Burst Bouncing High Explosive Grenade with Self Destruction (ABHE-SD) is intended to defeat enemy troops in open terrain or in light shelters at distance of up to 400 m with increased fragments efficiency. When the grenade meets the target, the fuze ejects the HE-FRAG charge in the air and ensures its Air Burst at height 0.5 to 2.5m.

The ammunition features 7m Defeat Radius and increased fragments efficiency against prone and entrenched targets.

The grenade has Air Burst Fuze with Self Destruction. Weapon Systems (40mm Hand Held Grenade Launchers): GP-25 GP-30 RG-6 Revolver GL ARCUS-30 UBGL


272g – Weight of Round
115.87mm – Round Length
14 – 19s – Time of Self-Destruction
+50°c – max Operational Temperature
10 – 40m – Arming Distance
10 – Shelf Life
74m/s – Muzzle Velocity
400m – Operation Range


40mm caliber

Fuze Type AR-725P / VMC-AB Air Burst Bouncing Fuze with Self-Destruction


66pcs – in Air-Tight Sealed Metal Box
3pcs – Air-Tight Sealed Metal Box in Wooden Case
41kg – weight of each Wooden Case
0.072cm3 – volume of each Wooden Case
860x380x220mm – dimensions of each Wooden Case