MG-1M Machine Gun7.62x54R on Bipod

The 7,62 mm Machine Gun MG-1M is designed and intended to be used in the countries in the Middle East, south-east Asia and Africa with tropic and desert conditions.

The 7,62×54 mm Machine Gun MG-1M is a powerful automatic weapon designed for use against enemy troops, firing points and light air targets. The design is specially intended and allows operation of the weapon in heavy climatic conditions, which are typical for the regions of Middle East, south-east Asia and Africa. The Machine Gun operates in automatic fire mode.

In general, the 7,62 mm MG-1M preserves all technical characteristics of PK and PKM, but the results of the endurance test show that the system life and the barrel life of MG-1M are increased in about 30% in comparison with PKM, which is a result of some changes of the mechanisms and the increased cooling surface of the barrel.

The barrel is manufactured by the method of cold radial forging that resulted in bigger hardness and better structure of the material. The barrel bore is chromium plated.

The other differences are: the new design of the flash suppressor-compensator; butt and handguard made of high quality and resistant glass fiber reinforced polycaproamide, not effected after heating by direct sun lights, corrosion and humidity resistance, light and firm.

It fires 7,62x54mm cartridges with ordinary bullets (light bullet mod. 1908, heavy bullet mod. 1930), armour-piercing incendiary and tracer bullets. A 200 round link metal belt, held in a metal box feed cartridges in.

Extras-Paid separately: Blank fire attachments-set, – to be ordered separately; Rail for sighting devices.


9kg – Weight of Weapon
6.5kg – loaded ammunition box with belt of 200 Weight of Loaded Ammunition Box
605mm – Barrel Length
1160mm – Overall Length
825m/s – Muzzle Velocity
650rounds/min – Fire Rate
250rounds/min – Practical Fire Rate
3800m – Max Fire Range
1000m – Max Effective Fire Range
28000rounds – System Life
1500m – Sighting Range


Full Automatic fire mode

7.62x54r mm caliber

100/200rounds Box Capacity

gas operated Function

Complete Set: Second Barrel Bag with spare parts consisting of: /Firing pin, ejector, ejector’s spring, ejector’s axle, pin of ejector’s axle/ box with accessories extracting device for split cartridge cases cleaning rod sling 4pcs. Metal belt for 200 cartridges;


2pcs – in Wooden Case
70kg – weight of each Wooden Case
0.244cm3 – volume of each Wooden Case
1330x525x350mm – dimensions of each Wooden Case